About MS Trading School

MS Trading School is a learning dashboard aimed at improving the financial literacy of the society in continuation with a financial skill-based program for professionals as well as students. The dashboard can be personalized as per the requirements of the individual. It is powered by SamridhiSocial Welfare And Educational Society. The company excels in learning and education of different segments of the financial market like Market Analysis, Equity Research, Derivatives and Risk Management, Technical Analysis, Financial Modeling, Personal Finance, wealth management, Financial Planning, Options Trading and Algorithm Trading.

The empowerment of India will happen only if there is financial security among all classes. The most important USP of MS Trading School is that the learning is real-time. There are endless tools and features that can help people understand the basic principles of the market. However, knowledge and perspective are necessary to give direction to the tools. That is where MS Trading School comes in. We hone professionals and students to understand the basic and advanced segments of finance.

The world is changing very quickly, and the need of the hour is to adapt to the change. The dashboard is designed by experts who understand what might be needed by individuals in the future and make sure that adequate information is passed on. This way, MS Trading School also allows students to clear certifications. The seminars offered by the company are both offline and online and the most important feature is that seminars are also real-time. This way, one can know that one is getting the most relevant information.

Counselors can better help understand how MS Trading School can help everyone in the long run, especially those who are pursuing the finance field seriously. The courses are designed to help one and all in different ways, and while one may use them for professional gains, another person might make use of the courses for personal development.

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