Meditation Technique

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Meditation Technique

Everyday meditation is very crucial to grow awareness about oneself and one’s surroundings. It starts with just getting to be in and enjoy stillness and peace for a duration of 10-15 minutes every day and ends up giving a deeper purpose to life. Regular meditation can help us grow and understand the true worth of ourselves and our surroundings, and it unlocks little by little, revealing all the benefits.

Set up for meditation

Vibrations are emitted by the photo of Shri Mataji. One must place the frame on a clean and quiet corner, and light a candle in front of the photo. Burning an incense stick will further help you gather concentration. Face the photo and sit in a comfortable position, and place your arms on your lap. Raise and tie your Kundalini

The process

In meditation, there is no actual process of doing anything. One just has to divert all attention to one’s heart and breath and not think about anything else. All awareness is concentrated there and you’re just supposed to sit and do nothing at all for 10-15 minutes. You only have to be aware of the sensations of your body. It will take some practice and the more time you spend meditating, the more you’ll be able to allow the mind to stay free of any distractions. You can restore your attention on the top Chakra by pressing down from the top of your head occasionally.

Once you begin realizing the benefits of meditation or Ardhsadhna, you will find yourself at ease and relaxed at all times. There will be growing awareness of the sensations of one’s body and that is when you begin to start prioritizing yourself and your well-being over others. You will eventually also become more peaceful since you’ll make peace with yourself.


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